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Instructional movie CD
More elaborate instructions guide on how to acheive perfect silicone joints. Movie cd inserted. Incl. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, How to do your bathroom, How to do your bathtub, How to do your kitchen worktop and Tips & Tricks.
PDF-file 477kb


No finger needed brochure
Simple explanation of the 3 easy steps on how to achieve perfect silicone joints.
PDF-file 529kb


How to re-silicone - shopping list
A simple how-to leaflet incl. a shopping list for what you need for the job:
How to re-silicone your bathroom.
How to re-silicone your kitchen worktop.
How to re-silicone your bathtub.
PDF-files 265kb

speciallaunchoffer_us Special Launch Offer
Special launch offer for stores in the US.
PDF-file 623kb


Step 1 - Easy Removal
How to re-silicone your bathroom
Step 2 - Simple Preparation
How to re-silicone your kitchen worktop
Step 3 - Perfect Finish
How to re-silicone your bathtub
Tips & Tricks: 2-way corner
Tips & Tricks: 3-way corner
Tips & Tricks: Behind taps
Tips & Tricks: The CornerTape Grip
Tips & Tricks: Removal of the clear film
Tips & Tricks: Removal of the tape
Tips & Tricks: Removing the white backing paper
Tips & Tricks: Remover sharpening
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Tips & Tricks: Repair a small section of old or damaged silicone
Tips & Tricks: Stoppers
Tips & Tricks: Shape the joint with the forming tool

Tips & Tricks: Wall to roof
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Tips & Tricks: Too much
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Silicone Forming Kit - PROs only

CornerTape Design


The CornerTape Design Manual.
PDF-file. 797kb



CornerTape logo negative. To be used on white background and black&white prints.
PNG-file 112kb


CornerTape SYSTEM logo.
PNG-file 225kb


CornerTape Professional logo.
PNG-file 194kb



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Sales Material

Sales Material
- the preferred way to display the products

Explained to you by our CEO Tor Andre Skeie

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Download as Windows Media Video:
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CornerTape Floor Display


AdPlayer movie
Played on the LCD-screen on the CornerTape Displays

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For retailers: Price tags to go on the CornerTape Displays
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in € (EURO)
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